Car 98

The 2003 team almost made it to the race, but decided that they were not fully prepared after a small explostion led to an all-night fabrication session. This car was finished in 2004.

Luc FrechetteFaculty Advisor
John Paul KurpiewskiPresident
Lauren StolarVice President
Dan BenjaminTreasurer, Research Chief
Paul RiosEngine
Luxshi JoshiEngine
Sean YoungerEngine
Paul LinEngine
Sara VasquezEngine
Allan FongEngine
Mike ChuenEngine
Ben CollinsEngine
Oliver ThiessenEngine
Ben DickmanEngine
Will KimEngine
Dan BrentonEngine
Dan BrownEngine
Russel SantillanesEngine
Phillip LiEngine
Fahad IqubalMember
Rachel AbrechtMember
Tim LeeChassis Chief
Jacques PaulChassis Chief
Dave PollackEngine Chief
Steve BriskinChassis
Karen TomaChassis
Scott TesmorChassis
Tony YuChassis
Duncan PrattChassis
Omar ElsayedChassis
Suma TumuluriChassis
Micah SiegelChassis
Mike RyzewicChassis
John NealChassis
Amanda ValentiChassis
Scott AnscheuChassis
Rachel HarkinsResearch
Sid BothraResearch
Peter CleopaResearch
Athena LedarkisResearch
Ron ColemanMember
Essa FarhutMember
Eric SlosbergMember
Jason RomanoMember