Car 138

The 2004 team was the first CU team to go to the race with a fully functioning car! The car crashed during the brake test and we spent the rest of the time in Detroit learning from other groups.

Name Position Year
Dr. Fred StolfiFaculty Advisor 
Lauren StolarPresidentMECE'05
Luxshi JoshiVice PresidentEE'04
Brian CorsettiMemberMECE'05
Russ SantillanesMemberCS'06
Ralph LucianoMemberMECE'04
Mike ValentinoMemberMECE'05
Ben DickmanMemberMECE'04
Andre CovilleMemberAPAM'07
Jesse RinckMemberMECE'05
Fabian BruggerMemberMECE'05
Andrew SinanoglouWebmasterSEAS'07